A great return5th of March 2012

Thanks to all the Dudes who came out to see the show in our hometown Neubrandenburg. We had a great time and we start to think about organizing our official record release party for the new CD there.

But that is still long ways off, anyway that shit was Heavy Metal!

A Storm Of Thoughts - PreRelease09th of November 2011

After comparing our actual songwriting progress to our planed release date, we had to realize that we are not able to release the new album as early as planned. The band agreed on the fact that the quality of this album has to reach a level, which every member of the band is content with. There will be no compromises, but that does indeed cost some time. As a part of writing our songs faster, we played also very few shows this years. All this actions have calmed the winds around the storm the last months, so it is time to start the Storm again. More precisely a “Storm of Thoughts”. Here is a preview of our upcoming album in form of a preproduction.

We hope you enjoy it.

New Date for the Ace Show22th of August 2011

Due to another show of Thunder & Lightening with Grave Digger, we were forced to move our next show at the Ace-Club to the 20th of January.

We’ll see you there.

Album Progress17th of August 2011

The months of song writing are paying off. The new Rising Storm Album is characterized by power, energy and diversity, framed by an inspiring and moving story. Heavy riffing, complex song built up’s, progressive groves and soli are just a few things you will encounter, while listening to the CD. To give you guys a little a taste of what’s coming, we are planning to post our song writing progress with video’s every few weeks.

Here’s the first Video of Tony, playing Riff’s of a new Song.

A STORM OF THOUGHTS is recorded11th of March 2011

OldSchoolPicAfter an intensive studio session, Tony and Karl were able to record the guitar, bass and at last the vocal tracks. Like usual, the recording process itself inspired us to change a few things within the song, so that the whole structure of the song fits even better into the concept. To express the on the one hand “sad and desperate” and on the other hand “elevated and victorious” feelings of the acting character, Karl had to put a lot of different style’s into the song. A good friend of the band, who had the chance to listen to the yet untouched recordings, said that this piece of music is the most complex and harmonic song Rising Storm has yet created. Rain has fallen again.

A Storm of Thoughts as new Promo Video14th of February 2011

After a conversation with an old friend of us, Theo Prill, who is actually a really talented video producer, we had the idea to create a first Rising Storm Studio Video. Since the first song of the new album is being produced right now, “A Storm of Thoughts” is an obvious song choice for the video. We are currently creating a concept for this project and if everything works out as we plan, the first video shots can already be taken in spring. Let’s see how this turns out to be…

Rising Storm enters the studio12th of December 2010

One year after finishing the last recording sessions of Initium, Rising Storm enters the studio again to record "A Storm of Thoughts". The song was chosen out of the new material because it is actually the first complete song, containing all the elements needed to represent the new album. Being the third part of the “Tales of Hope” saga, the song deals with an aged desperate man, finding the courage to follow his dreams. The drum tracks have been successfully recorded by Erik and in the beginning of 2011, Tony will start creating the first samples of the song. We are pretty sure that you guys will like it.