Rhythm guitars for the Tempest21st of August 2012

OldSchoolPicDuring this week, the first rhythm guitars have been recorded at the “Northern Gateway Production” Studio. The quality of the material is great and Tony will steadily progress through the kick ass riffs and haunting Harmony’s. Due to location changes, the whole step will take longer than expected though. Nevertheless, the record will be released in early 2013 with a devastating violence.

LSD Studio will take care of the reamping procedure that closely follows the recordings.

Equipment used (Rhythm guitars):

Custom Ibanez loaded with Dimarzio X2N --> Vovox Cable --> B12a Preamp --> Saffire 56

Dark Prince Graphix and the “Tempest” artwork08th of August 2012

OldSchoolPicA very talented man has joined the team for the upcoming album “Tempest”. Raziel Kainen, the head behind Dark Prince ''Graphix'' joins our cause with his amazing skills and inspiring ideas straight from Mexico.
We are especially happy about this, because he was the one, designing the Band logo and the latest shirt design and as you all know, he did a pretty good job with that.

Seeing the advances of the “Tempest” artwork so far, we already know that his work will be an amazing piece of art.

“Tempest” - official title for the new album01st of August 2012

We are happy and proud to reveal the title of our upcoming album. It will be entitled as “TEMPEST”. A pillar for the “Tales of Hope” Saga, which will take place in a nautical environment.
Though this album is not a concept album in a conventional way, there will be three songs connected to an overall story for the “Tales of Hope”. The content is about a tragic turn of events for a dreaming man, facing the end of his life, touching the surface of what he was always hoping to reach.

Diary of the Sailor
67th day - the journey of his dreams
Beware of the Tempest; for it will crush all life, it’s inevitable, poisoning not only what will be, but also what has been before… It scares me

Drum recordings completed20th of July 2012

OldSchoolPicAfter very challenging and inspiring drum recordings, Erik completed the drums for the upcoming album at the LSD Studio.

Erik talks about the process:

“This album holds everything you could ask for in a metal album. On the one hand, the drumming consists of fast and powerful grooves combined with challenging and rhythmical fills and the other hand there are a lot of calm and jazzy parts. The CD tells a story and like all good story’s, it’s an up and down in the plot. There is just no way to sustain an emotion throughout the whole experience of a story without it becoming unrealistic. Therefor this CD includes Ballades, classical Songs, Heavy and Progressive Metal in a creative mixture of a lifelike tale. The drumming is the foundation of the band and the sound. Every feeling had to be captured and accordingly expressed to allow the atmosphere to evolve in the first place. After thinking about the recorded material, I am really happy and satisfied with the result, because I believe, that exactly this goal was accomplished. I am thankful to be a part in this mighty project and I believe I have given it the effort it deserved and needed.”

Erik is entering the studio in June 201216th of March 2012

OldSchoolPicThe time schedule for the recording and production of the new full length album is now officially settled. To realize the highest possible quality, numerous greatly talented producers, artists and guest musician will take part in this project. We are very proud and happy to have been able to put together an international team, made up out of many people of great renown. The names of all the participants will be revealed during the recording and production process. Erik will be the first to enter the Studio on the 11th of June 2012 at the LSD Studio.

There, all of the drums will be recorded. In the next two month all additional information, like title and content of the lyrics of the new album will be revealed.
One thing is for sure, something great is coming.

Rising Storm confirmed for Metalfest12th of March 2012

Our guitar player Eric gives a statement about the Festival news of Rising Storm:

These are the hottest RISING STORM news for all our true fans. We proudly inform you about the official METALFEST EAST 2012 confirmation given by the METALFEST management.
As you can see on the METALFEST EAST Homepage ( we have the privilege to play on this festival with a diversity of great fucking Metalbands and we are extremely motivated to play ahead of big metal-masses and to spread our music to nearly 50.000 Metalheads.
Although we got the confirmation, we still sell METALFEST EAST TICKETS 2012 for an unbeatable price to give you the chance to be a part on that day when “RISING STORM comes to DESSAU“ 63 Euro for one Ticket, including all taxes and camping conditions. If you’re interested, contact us at our
Email address: or on facebook RISING STORM.
I hope to see you in Dessau.

greetz Eric